How To Choose A Home Care Aide For Your Aging Parent

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Choosing a home care aide for your aging parent can be daunting and challenging. Of course, you want the best for your parent: a dependable, trustworthy, and kind home care aide should take care of him or her. Yet, the services should also be affordable for you too. It could be difficult but not impossible to find a home care aide who fits your requirements.

Needs Assessment

The first step to choosing an in-home senior care aide is to assess your parent's needs. Do they require custodial care (i.e. preparing meals, feeding, bathing) or skilled care (i.e. implementing treatments, physical therapy)? Having a clear understanding of the type of care your parent requires will be your guide in choosing the right home care aide. Create a job description based on these needs.

Recruitment and Selection

Use this job description for the next step: recruitment and selection. In this step, you have two options: home health agencies and direct hiring. Home health agencies will provide you with prescreened and trained staff based on the needs assessment conducted to your parent. The process will be easier, but it will also cost you more with at least $20 to $40 per hour. Hiring directly is cheaper with at least $10 to $20 per hour. It may be more difficult, but you will have greater control over who to hire.

Background Checks

The third step is a background check. Either hiring a in home senior care aide directly or through an agency, demand for background checks. Consult the references identified by the shortlisted applicants. Ask for alcohol and drug use documents. From the background checks, you will gain important insights for finally choosing the best home care aide.

Employment Contract and Agreement

Lastly, if you have already selected the best home care aide for your parent, prepare an employment contract and agreement. In this agreement, write in detail the cost, wage, hours of work, complete job description, rules, and grounds for termination. Discuss all items with your selected home care aide and sign the documents together.

Choosing a home care aide for your aging parent requires a step-by-step process that will ensure your parent's needs are met. Identify the needs of your parent first. Recruit directly or through an agency. Mind the background checks and carefully select the home care aide from the shortlisted applicants. Sign a contract with the home care aide too. Take your time and avoid rushing the steps to avoid hiring a home care aide who has an inappropriate skill set or personality for your parent.