Home Healthcare Interventions For Oxygen Therapy Patients

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People who have trouble breathing as a result of emphysema or other lung conditions may require the use of supplemental oxygen. Because breathing problems can cause profound weakness and fatigue, individuals may be unable to properly manage their oxygen therapy. If you are struggling with respiratory problems and are on oxygen therapy, consider the following benefits that a home care services professional can provide if you are unable to independently take care of yourself. 

Tubing Changes And Equipment Checks

If your oxygen tubing gets permanently kinked or damaged, or if the inside of the tubing gets soiled, it will need to be changed. Your home care provider can change your tubing and make sure that your oxygen is flowing through it properly. While they are changing your tubing, they can also check your face mask or nasal cannula apparatus to help ensure that it is working properly.

Depending on your doctor's recommendations, your oxygen may be delivered through a full face mask or through nasal prongs. Some people who have breathing problems also have anxiety when they are unable to catch their breath. For them, the full face mask can be intrusive, further contributing to shortness of breath and anxiety. If your home care provider notices that you are struggling with your face mask, they can call your doctor to see if your face mask delivery system can be switched over to the less-intrusive nasal cannula (prongs) method of oxygen delivery.

Nutritional And Medication Interventions

If you have severe breathing problems, you may not have an appetite or the energy to prepare nutritious meals. Your home care services provider can prepare your meals for you to ensure that you are receiving the essential nutrients to help boost your immunity, enhance your lung function, and restore your energy.

If your respiratory problems are caused by congestive heart failure, which causes excess fluid to accumulate in your lungs, your doctor may recommend that you consume a fluid-restrictive diet because consuming large amounts of fluid can worsen your condition by making your heart and lungs work harder.

The home healthcare services professional can measure your fluids to ensure that you do not overload your system. They can also remind you to take your medications, however, if you are unable to self-administer your medications, they can put the medications in your mouth and give you water to swallow your pills.

If you are receiving oxygen therapy and are too ill to take care of yourself, consider hiring a home care provider. When you receive the necessary care you need, you may feel more hopeful about the future and have more energy to enjoy the things you love to do.

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