Home Care Services During Covid-19

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Home care services are imperative for a number of people in the world, and even though we are experiencing a global pandemic, the need for care does not go away. While you continue to face the need for 24 7 home care services, staying as safe as possible is crucial for the health of everyone involved. Here are a few things to consider when dealing with home care services while we navigate our way through this Covid-19 pandemic.

Always Wear Protection

The act of wearing a mask might be a controversial topic in the world, but when dealing with the health of your loved ones it is a good way to protect them as well as their health care provider. Mask wearing prevents the spread of germs and could potentially prevent exposure to unwanted diseases or viruses, like Covid-19. If you are experiencing any symptoms as a health care provider, be sure to tell your patient, and vice versa. Another way to make sure you are protecting yourself as well as your patient is to wear gloves, but be sure to dispose of them properly when you leave the home of your patient. 

Consider Other Options

Some home care services are impossible to take care of over a virtual appointment, such as giving a bath or assistance with mealtimes. If, however, your need for 24 7 home care services is able to be accomplished via virtual means, it might be a good option to protect your loved ones. Anything that is not necessary during the Covid-19 crisis needs to be cancelled, and if care is required, try to practice social distancing as much as possible. 

Frequent Symptom Check

As a person requiring the use of home care services, it is imperative to frequently check your symptoms and inform your nurse of any symptoms that might arise. Frequent temperature checks will help you identify any issues that might be arising. Health care professionals should also check their temperature before coming to perform home care services to protect the patient from any unintentional exposure. If a fever is present, reschedule for a later time when there are no symptoms present.

The need for 24/7 home care services are not going to go away just because we have a current pandemic. Staying safe and protecting those you love is more important than ever before but staying aware of symptoms is a great way to help keep everyone involved healthy. If you are unsure about having home care services during a pandemic, ask your nurse about your options for virtual appointments, and know that they are also doing everything they can to stay safe during this time.