3 Benefits Of In-Home Elderly Personal Care Services

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If you are on the fence about hiring senior home care services to come in and assist your elderly parent, then consider each of these benefits before making your final decision:

Benefit #1: Seniors Who Utilize Home Health Care Services Stay Independent Longer

The main goal of elderly home care is to keep people safely living independently in their homes as long as possible. Since the elders have regular care and attention, it is much easier to spot problems early and take steps to rectify them before major illness sets in. This goes a long way towards the overarching goal of independence. 

Benefit #2: Elderly Personal Care Keeps Seniors More Active

It's human nature to be more active and attentive around strangers and people other than your own family members. When your parent has someone coming into their home to assist with their care, they are much more likely to straighten up their homes, do their exercises, and even bathe more. This is important because seniors who are active stay independent longer and have happier lives.

Benefit #3: Senior Home Care Gives Medical Providers a More Accurate View of a Person's Condition

One of the most important benefits of having home care for your elderly parent is the home care nurses and aides will make reports about their condition and pass them along to their doctor. In addition, since they are with your parent on a regular basis, they will get a much clearer picture of their actual health. Without this report, your parent may not be completely honest with their medical providers for fear of ending up in a nursing home or other negative repercussions.

As an adult son or daughter, you likely have seen the following scenario. You take your elderly parent to the doctor after weeks of their daily complaints about being unable to move around on their sore foot. Yet, when you arrive at the doctor's office, they walk perfectly fine. The doctor asks how they are feeling and they answer, "fine."

Right about this time, your head is ready to explode with frustration. Were they over-accentuating their symptoms at home to garner sympathy? How is the doctor supposed to help if your parent doesn't admit how much pain they are in or how much difficulty they have been having with their activities of daily living?

When an elderly care service is spending time in your parent's home, you can give their report to the doctor and the above will no longer be an issue. This saves you frustration, and it also ensures your parent gets the care they need.