Home Health Senior Care Options For Daily Assistance

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When you hear about senior care and home health care, the first things that come to mind are round the clock nursing care and, often times, hospice. What you may not think about are the large numbers of seniors who do not need full round the clock care, but still need care in some way. If you do happen to have a family member that falls into this category, you may think there are no real care options. The truth is, there are care options that offer daily assistance similar to that of assisted living or assistance based on need. Hare are some of those options what to know.

Companion Services

Companion services are a senior care option that gives your family member someone to be with them through hours of the day when they would otherwise be alone. The companion may handle small housekeeping tasks, cooking, and may also provide some mild health assistance. This is usually done when you may be at work and are concerned that your senior family member may have a fall or may become ill and unable to contact anyone. Some companion care options offer a nursing assistant or home health aide that can offer medical services when necessary while others are strictly a housekeeping style companion service.

Nurse Aide Services

In some cases, the senior care needs may pertain to medication and vitals. For example, the senior may be fine with mobility but may have dementia or related issues. This means they may not remember to take medications or may have issues with their vital signs such as low or high blood pressure and blood sugar problems. The nurse aide will provide routine vital checks, make note of any health changes, and contact a nurse or medical professional if other issues arise. This is ideal for a senior who may just have memory issues with medications during times when you can not be there to remind them and ensure they are getting the care they need.

Therapy Services

Therapy services are a senior care home health option that many people do not consider. Your senior family member may need physical therapy, like the kind of therapy you see following a hip surgery. If this is the case, you may be concerned about getting them to the appointments in town when you have work and other obligations. If this is the case, you can request home health therapy services where the therapy is done by a therapist in the home. This allows your family member the care they need, without interfering with daily life applications such as work.

These are just a few of the senior care options that offer daily assistance to your family member, without offering full medical and round the clock care. If any of these options sound ideal for your needs, contact your local home health agency. They can help you with services and with options that work with your family members specific needs.