5 Ways A Nurse or Caregiver Can Help You Maintain Your Independence

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If you struggle with health issues or if you have a family member who struggles with health issues, you may be looking for some extra help. In many cases, a nurse caregiver can help you to live in your home and avoid moving to a full-time nursing facility. Here's a look at five of the ways a nurse caregiver can help safeguard your independence:

1. Help With Medical Procedures

A nurse caregiver can help with a wide range of medical procedures. If you need injections or help taking medications, they can offer that type of assistance. Additionally, if you are recovering from a knee operation or an injury, you may need physical therapy. Again, a nurse caregiver can provide this to you at your home.

This arrangement gives you the care that you need. It also saves you the trouble of having to go to rehab appointments out of your home.

2. Assistance With Household Chores

Home caregivers don't just provide you with medical assistance. They can also help you with household chores. That can involve batch cooking so that you can eat healthy meals even when the caregiver is not with you. It can also include cleaning or other tasks that you have trouble completing on your own.

3. Aid With Personal Hygiene  

As they age or deal with other health issues, many people find it hard to step over the side of the tub. Others can't take the risk of slipping and falling in the bathroom. That can make it hard to live on your own.

Luckily, a caregiver can also help with personal hygiene tasks. They can assist you with bathing, showering, and taking care of your hair. That too makes it possible to avoid moving into a nursing home or a similar type of facility.

4. Companionship

In addition to all of the above benefits, caregivers can also just provide you or your loved one with companionship. Living alone can get lonely, and many people move into nursing facilities to avoid the desolation that often comes with aging.

A caregiver can also act as a companion. They don't just have to come in and help with health concerns. They can also play games, watch TV, or do other social activities with you.

5. Anticipating Your Needs

As your healthcare needs change, you may need to hire a new caregiver or change your routine. When you have a nurse or caregiver working with you, they can keep an eye on your situation and notice when you need something different. That can help you avoid accidents or injuries that may ultimately force you into a home.

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